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Photographing your wedding day

Shetland Island Wedding Photographer

It’s not easy choosing a wedding photographer. It’s one of about a million decisions you’ll make about your big day, but it’s also one of the most important. Think about it. Long after the cake has been eaten, your dress has been packed away, and your honeymoon tan has faded, what’s going to be left to remind you of your wedding day?

Your photos are the only real lasting reminder; a true legacy of the love, emotions, and details of your special day. This is why choosing a wedding photographer who understands how to really tell the story of your day is so important. From your first glance at each other to your first dance, I’ll be there capturing every precious moment as it unfolds.

My wedding photography style

Some photographers label themselves documentary and reportage, fine art, creative or natural light. I believe I don’t have one style, I am there for all the moments. From the second I arrive to capture your wedding photography my camera is ready to go. I don’t tend to work to posed set up shots, I follow my instincts.