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Moving to Shetland Isles

Almost two years ago my husband saw an advert online to encourage families to move to Shetland Isles. The advert was for new eco houses, it sounded amazing. Before this day I didn’t know about Shetland or even know where it was!

Of course, this program was inundated and we had no chance of getting the ‘yes’ to move so we began looking ourselves and we found a bungalow on the island of Whalsay, aka, ‘the Bonnie Island.’ It was a big risk, but my husband travelled the thousand miles from our home to look at the property. 

The little bungalow built into the hill, was not perfect by any long shot it had stood empty for over two years but we decided to buy it. After 13 years of renting it was amazing, that day in June 2021, when we were handed the keys to our bungalow.

Amazingly, the day I travelled to collect the keys I had never seen in person this property. I didn’t for one minute regret the purchase and loved everything about Shetland from the very beginning.

A week after we received our keys we found out we were having our 6th baby, Aurora. We put the move on hold until after her birth. So after what seemed like forever I finally moved to Shetland August 1st 2022.

With such a short period of time before the weather changed I was amazed how many amazing places I fell in love with.

One of my favourite places was the woods at Kergord, the Burn of lunket and the stunning St Ninians Isle. 

In my first 5 months I was lucky to see the Northern Lights, the orchas who visited Whalsay (has to be another blog!) and the amazing Milkyway above our bungalow alongside a partial eclipse.

Shetland is wild and seperated from the Scottish coast. Which becomes more obvious when you are at the mercy of the weather. We have been snowed in without electric for 4 days and cut off by massive telephone outages but you know what, I wouldn’t change anything about Shetland.

The very things that make Shetland is its spirit and beauty. The spirit that also lives within the islanders, who made me feel so welcome as a new family and as a business.

I love you Shetland!

Charlotte x



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