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I’ve photographed a LOT of weddings.
And while I do enjoy a lot of the traditions, I do love it when couples break the mould.
When they say no to ‘paint by numbers’ weddings and embrace being different.

More and more couples are planning non-traditional weddings which allow themselves to express who they really are.

Do you want a wedding day as personal and as unique as you are?
One way to express your love and connection in your way is by having an alternative wedding

From the quirky to the downright jaw-droppingly beautiful, alternative wedding ceremonies allow you to express your love in the most meaningful ways.
Maybe you want a more spiritual wedding ceremony that focuses on your connection with each other, to nature, or to a higher power.

You might choose a handfasting ceremony, where your right hand is bound to your beloved’s with a cord, symbolising the binding of your lives together.

Or you could have a flower ceremony as your alternative wedding ceremony, where you, your husband or wife-to-be, and your family members each have a flower. You and your partner swap your flowers as a gift to each other, then put them in a vase. Your family members then add their flowers as a symbol of unity.
What about a candle ceremony, where you each have a candle and both light a larger candle together? The merging flames are a symbol of your merging lives.
Alternative wedding ceremonies are beautifully symbolic, uniquely personal, and unquestionably memorable.

Are you a bride who wants to break with tired old traditions and make her own?
I might just be your perfect alternative wedding photographer!

Charlotte was absolutely great. We love our photos!!! She a provided a fantastic service and would highly recommend her.
Sally Woodcock

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